DAY 105 (The advantages of the PC breaking down!)

I know, what is the girl talking about….advantages? Surely not!!

Well so far it’s been a really productive day! The weather is just amazing! The sky is the bluest of blues, there isn’t a cloud in sight. And because my PC’s are playing ‘silly buggers’ (an expression my Mum used a lot!)….

I’ve had a 2 hour walk with the dog.
I’ve done one load of washing and it’s out on the line in the sunshine.
Another load is washing.
And there’s another pile waiting to go in.
I’ve cleaned my kitchen.
I’ve cleaned my bathroom.
I’ve changed the sheets on the bed (including fighting with the King size Duvet cover!)
The dog has been brushed to within an inch of his life…he’s now sunbathing and slightly sulky!

And as soon as I’ve finished here I’m going to tackle the lounge and it isn’t even midday yet…..

Can you see the bright shining light from my halo????

I’m thinking if I continue like this I’ll deserve to go and lie on my sunbed in the garden later on!!  In a way that’s all thanks to the PC’s breaking down on me….I’m sure if they were working I would be sat finding something much more interesting than cleaning to do!!

Unfortunately because of my poorly computers I haven’t the time, the patience or the energy to upload or download any new photos, I think it would just be all this old machine could cope with! So I’ll go with some already uploaded, because if this laptop cranks out on me…I’ll be scuppered!!

I hope you’re all having a productive day too…

A last clump of daffs hiding in the grass.

Woodland path


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