DAY 106 (A day of photos and flowers)

Oh! How lovely a day off!!

What’s a girl to do?  Take photos of course!! No matter where I went today, little flowers were peeping at me through the undergrowth.  The bluebell leaves are getting taller and glossier by the day and the wild garlic is about to flower, the odour is already quite heady!

There is a lovely path down by the river, however, due to it’s deterioration, the local authority has closed it to the public.  I was feeling a little rebellious today so I decided to take my life, my camera and my tripod in my hands! It certainly was a little hairy in places and carrying all of this equipment didn’t really help at points where I had to hold on to the tree trunks to prevent me from falling into the river, which despite the lack of rain, looked impressively deep and very murky….I surely didn’t feel like taking a dip and nor did Canon!

I’m quite glad there weren’t any other “naughty” people around as I felt quite happy lying flat on my tummy taking photos of these tiny white flowers!

I was desperately hoping to see some deer but I think even on my own I was disturbing the peace with all my clanking and I admit I did let out a couple of shrieks when I thought I was going for a quick (non) improvised swim!

Our garden lodgers, the Robins have been busy again today, I daren’t climb up and look in the nest, I really don’t want to frighten them away, I can’t believe that there would already be babies in there, surely it’s too early. I’m a little worried for them as the weather forecast is predicting a significant drop in temperature so I do hope they will be ok.  I did notice that they have helped themselves to some of Charlie’s hair following him being brushed the other day so maybe Mrs Robin is stuffing a new duvet!!

I am seriously considering starting a Pet Photography business, what could be more enjoyable, for me anyway? Outdoors, regardless of the weather with my camera and in the company of dogs! Surely it’s worth a try…what have I got to lose?  I’ve had some very positive responses from people who I’ve met and even had a couple of enquiries…so I’m in the process of building a website…..oooh scary!!! I shall keep you up to date and let you know how I get on…if I can apply myself to this project with as much zeal as my blog then who knows where it may lead me.  I am of the opinion that even if I don’t earn any “ackers”, at least I will be gaining more photographic experience.

I’m glad to say it hasn’t been too bad using this laptop. I am now getting used to the fact that when I press the space bar, nothing happens!! Although I am finding it quite tricky with the downloading of photos and organising them. I normally work through an external hard drive but I think it’s a bit much for the laptop, as soon as I plug in the hard drive, the laptop has a hissy fit and freezes, hopefully this will be the week we sort out the PC….please!!!!

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