DAY 107 (A little rant and a lot of beauty)

We have a hose pipe ban starting the 5th April?
37p increase on a packet of cigarettes in the budget!
We have no petrol because the Tanker Drivers ARE NOT on strike but the government boobed and sent everyone into a complete panic for nothing.
Cigarettes are now in cupboards behind doors in the Supermarket…will it be wine next, how on earth will we know which to buy if we can’t see them?
How come there is no possible way I can park anywhere near the entrance to the supermarket because a: I’m not disabled and b: I don’t have a brood of kids….so if I want just a pint of milk I have to park the car and walk nearly half a mile to get to the shop! I have no problem with reserved parking spaces especially for the disabled but for  these mothers that turn up in a massive 4×4 with a 16-year-old, please!!
This month Postage Stamps prices will go up by 30% for 1st class and 39% for 2nd class but if you buy stamps that simply say 1st or 2nd Class (ie with no price value printed on them) they are valid in perpetuity!!
What is going on in the world?  Or should I narrow  that down to the UK?

And now even nature has thrown us a fastball, snow is forecast for tomorrow, can you believe it?

Everything is totally mad…and what drives me really mad is the way it now seems to  wind me up…I have never been a political person (at all)  it must be my age, all of this just turns me into a grumpy old woman and I realise that I’m nagging and moaning…it’s not good for my health  and not good for the Nation’s moral!!!

So having had a little rant, just a little one, I shall hopefully cheer myself and others up with some of the more beautiful things that nature has to offer. These are just some of the wonderful things I saw today that made me smile, and for a while forgot that we are living in a mad and crazy world!!

This beauty is peeping over my fence from a neighbour's garden

 I take it all back about the mad and crazy world, these ladies were in the woods this morning, normally just power walking, they have now found a new way to exercise!!

Keep Fit or Sychronised Sky Dive Practice?

I’m delighted to have some Forget-me-nots coming up in the garden and with the sun shining through the leaves, I thought they were stunning.

Oh and a little update on the Robins….by perching on a chair at a distance I was able to get this shot…very poor quality but I didn’t want to disturb….I think this confirms that we have eggs…do you agree?? You can just make out the little black eye…ooh I feel like a new mum looking at a baby scan!!

And so tomorrow we shall all be back in hibernation!! The heating will be on, I’ll be putting the electric blanket back on the bed, we’ll be eating comfort food and the salad will be going mouldy in the fridge drawer….so snuggle up and keep warm…..:)


12 thoughts on “DAY 107 (A little rant and a lot of beauty)

  1. It struck me how your release through a little venting and the nature pictures vibrated two distinct energies. Just goes to show how healing nature is. Glad you got some of that goop in your mind bothering you out! Lovely photos.

    • Yes so right, I like to release a little steam sometimes! I think of myself as a pressure cooker!! And nature is the weight on top that keeps me from blowing up!! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos. And cold snaps – we have recently experienced one. Felt like winter but slowly the temps do turn around and Spring will be back. Enjoy your hibernation 🙂

  3. Witty narrative and beautiful images…I like the sharp focus on the flower in the foreground & the great shallow depth of field. Can you tell me what lens & f/stop you used?

    • Hi Mona,if you mean the first photo ie the pink flower, I used a F5.6 and 1/250 and ISO 100…I’m glad you liked it….I think having the blue sky behind it really sets off the pink.

  4. That top photo, the red flower, is amazing! I’m glad I had a full tank of petrol when I drove by my local Tesco last week. I estimate around 40 cars were queued up. And then I had to find a spot to park, somewhere in the next village as the parent parking took up most of the car park. Next time I go I’m dragging our 17 year old out with me just to validate my reason for parking right next to the entrance!

    • Ha ha, I know isn’t it annoying, I’m going to take my neighbours kids!! It drives me potty as for the panic buying, well don’t get me started again!! I see you used one of my photos…the dog? Glad you liked it! I’m in the process of setting up a website, I’m going to do dog photography…might as well give it a I’m thinking maybe I should do flowers!!! Oh somebody help me, why can’t I make decisions?

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