DAY 108 (Decisions, decisions!)

I’m a lot calmer today, thanks to my little moan yesterday!!

During our walk this morning we were discussing where we could walk the dogs during the warmer months as a special day out… I suggested this beautiful place….what do you think?

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It’s not quite as cold as forecast but it’s still good to look forward to the warmer days ahead. I was thinking of all my favorite day trips with the dog, the beach, the woods as usual, the pond, walks along the tow path etc….I just know Hubby and I will have many a day starting out with “Right, what shall we do today then?”……

…….this brings me onto another age related question for you all!! Why oh why am I finding it so hard to make decisions, even little ones!! 

Shall I walk the dog now or go later?
What shall we have for lunch?
Shall I do the ironing and get it out-of-the-way or keep it for Sunday so I can do it while I’m watching The Masters and not feel guilty that I’ve done nothing for hours but sit and watch golf?
Shall I go and play golf with Hubby or shall I stay at home and work on my photos?
Which position is better for the sofa now the weather is better along the long wall or in front of the radiator?
Yesterday, I spent a good 20 minutes deciding whether I wanted a glass of red wine or a glass of shandy, for goodness sake what’s wrong with me?

Sometimes it’s not that I can’t make the decision, I know which I should do, it’s whether or not I can come up with a valid excuse for doing what I really want to do and not what I really ought to do!!
These are the things that waste my time and keep me awake at night!! Please, please tell me that I’m not alone!!
Then last night after dinner, I found myself in a quandary and yet the solution was staring me in the face…. 
Should I have a Jam Doughnut or a Magnum Ice Cream? Well guess what? I had both!!!  In fact I had two Jammie doughnuts and one Magnum!!!
Now all I have to do is decide when I’m going on a diet!!!

Oh such a hard life I lead hey?


2 thoughts on “DAY 108 (Decisions, decisions!)

    • Yes I’m so lucky it’s about 20 minutes away avoiding rush hour. It’s so calm and peaceful and of course best when the azaleas are in bloom. I can’t wait.

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