DAY 109 (To FB or not to FB, that is the question!)

As I start writing this, I would love to make it sound witty and funny but I’ve a feeling it’ll just come out as it is in my brain…which is normally a little scrambled so that’s probably the way it will be written!!

I, like so many hundreds of thousands of people had a FB account.

I would play Bejewelled Blitz until it became an obsession.
Scrabble was another game that had me hooked.
I had a farm, and would worry when on holiday how I would harvest my crops, what would I do if they withered!!
I then discovered another game, Time Travel or something like that!!

It was getting to the point whereby the first thing I did every morning was turn on the computer to see the status of my so-called friends. I then got a new job and every one was on FB and so my friends multiplied and then I had friends of friends…it was all too much!  Boy – I’d never been so popular!

The downside of this was that the housework wasn’t getting done, the garden was a mess,  my fridge was bare, and I didn’t have time to ring my friends because I was constantly on-line with FB friends…

Hubby would frequently leave for work at 4pm and I would think ‘I’ll just have a coffee and a quick look at FB’ and sit at the PC, more often than not when he returned at 11:30pm I would still be there!!

I’m glad to say that I realised this was taking over and it had to go!!  I had to quit FB cold turkey! However, they don’t make it that easy to quit, you have to request a deletion of your account and then leave it inactive for 2 weeks and if you go into your FB account during those two weeks it’s reactivated…so for 2 weeks I tried not to go on the internet and not click on my Facebook, it was really, really difficult, almost unbearable. I felt as though I was being cut off from the world, what was happening, who was saying what, had anyone ‘poked’ me!!!

Well I did it, and initially I suffered from withdrawal symptoms, I was a grouch to live with, I had forgotten what the internet was for! When asked why I had quit, it was like I had some shameful secret. Even now, people look at me with astonishment when I say ‘No I’m not on Facebook’ when most of the rest of the world are!!

I’m not saying for a minute that FB is a bad thing, I think it really does have a place in society, in fact recently it has been a lifeline for many thousands of people in dire situations and has been a fantastic way of letting people know what’s going on in the world when the press aren’t around to report.

But you see with me it’s all or nothing, I don’t have a middle ground, I throw myself into things with 150% and there’s no going back, it’s the same with everything I do…but what normally happens is my enthusiasm wanes and I give up…with FB it was different because there were constantly more and more ways of piquing my interest either via games, forums etc…and so I knew I had to quit.
This sounds incredibly sad doesn’t it? Especially for my age, I’m not a teenager anymore so I can’t use that as an excuse.

So now I’m clean!! Well almost, I have a new drug of choice and that’s!
I like to think that this is a much healthier way of passing my time! It’s enabled me to explore different avenues which I would never have discovered otherwise. I’m more disciplined, by way of my photography, thanks to constructive comments, I feel that I’m improving.  By writing, albeit, small pieces of not much intellectual depth, and on an infrequent basis I have found that I am asking myself questions about myself and my character that I would never have questioned in the past, for example my ‘addiction’ to FB. I feel that since I’ve been blogging I’ve become a little more measured in things that I do. I’m still very enthusiastic but my enthusiasm is now more focussed.

I have no idea if this makes sense to anyone but me…but that is my case in point…by blogging I feel as though today’s post has clarified another aspect of my character that hitherto hadn’t been addressed! I find it cathartic. Who needs a psychologist when they have a blog?

And another thing, I’ve never used that word before in my life, I used the word ‘hitherto’ so surely my use of the English language is improving too!!

Oh and another thing, the house is less of a mess, the garden has received some TLC, and the fridge, may not be perfectly arranged but now contains some really good stuff!!

So to all of you Facebookers I wish you well, but for me it’s WordPress from now on!!!

10 thoughts on “DAY 109 (To FB or not to FB, that is the question!)

  1. Well this sure makes sense to me. I had the same sort of.. addiction.. if you can call it as such. Not with FB but with Tumblr. I spent more hours online and doing crazy-fun stuff Tumblring than working on my coursework. But I’m not really sure, I just woke up one day and I felt like blogging on Tumblr wasn’t that much fun anymore.

    So I went off looking for other great sites to hang on to. And ta-da! wordpress it is! My house was a mess as well when I was on Tumblr. Good thing you got your life back on track now. Well as for me, everything’s better, except for the house – still messy. But i’m trying and tumblr nor wordpress has nothing to do anymore with that, it’s just me.

    But welcome to a new world! Yay!:D

    • Yes I’m not sure if it’s an addiction but these sites are so compelling! I used to feel pressure to update and respond etc. Glad you understood what I was trying to say and glad I’m not the only one! Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

  2. Me too! I struggle with all-or-nothing and giving 150% of myself to something. Easier to transfer addictions, right? So going from daily FB to daily WP seemed easy. But blogging makes me feel good, like real connections were made, whereas FB usually left me feeling empty. I’m still in there, but I use it as a tool to stay connected, to network, and find local events and calls for artists. Not so much status updates now.

  3. I can understand how addictive the internet can be, but I agree – a blog does improve skills. I have a FB account, but I only check it once a week, and I don’t play any games on it, so I think I’ve got it under control!

  4. Good for you! Facebook can be super hard to let go of, especially if you’ve been really involved with it.

    I used to waste so much time with those silly games (yes, the online crops, too!) and checking out what all my friends were doing with their lives instead of investing in my own.

    I’m just coming off of a 40-day fast (Lent) from the site and I’m honestly not even interested in it anymore. During those several weeks, I picked up more Twitter though I don’t use it much, I started using e-mail (what’s that?) a little more, and making time to read. I still have a ways to go before I feel completely freed from the Internet, but I will try using a timer to limit my activity there and see how that goes.

    I sincerely wish you all the best in stealing your time back from the Internet in using it to develop your relationships and talents. Again, congratulations on giving up Facebook! No matter what the age, an addiction is hard to break, but you’re doing great! 😀

    • I know these social networking sites get a real hold on you. I’m so glad I no longer spend all that time on FB as a result my focus is more on my photography and I’m loving it, so much more rewarding than harvesting crops!!! I still love the internet and regard it more as a library and learning tool!! Oh and emails, quite good aren’t they?? Ha ha.:D

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