DAY 110 (Road trip with Sisters)

A couple of years ago, my two sisters and I went on a road trip…a real Thelma and Louise plus 1…we went back to Wales where we grew up.  We hadn’t been back to the village since at least 20 years…WOW! It was a real shock….not that things had changed so much but that everything looked so much smaller and I must admit after decades of living in Paris and London it did look a little drab.

Here are a couple of photos that we took, as we approached we could see The Black Mountains in the distance…. you can only begin to imagine all the memories that came flooding back, the stories we had to tell, the car was full of chatter and laughter.

The Black Mountains

On the way to the village we called by our old school, I actually felt very nervous seeing it, even as an adult.  It wasn’t one of the happiest periods of my life! I hated my teenage years!

My Old Secondary School

We then entered the village and here is the Town Hall which used to house the youth club.

Town Hall

This used to be the corner shop, now it’s the Tourist Information Office! I believe this is the oldest building in the village and dates back possibly to the 14th century.

This next photo saddened me though, this was our infants school  and it looked so forlorn and yet it has a perfectly good roof on it…to think of all the squeals of laughter and fun that took place here by so many children. I have very good memories of this place, lovely teachers, playtimes full of games, little bottles of milk with straws and PE which we did indoors (in vest and thick felt black knicker/shorts, with little black pumps), listening to the wireless!!! (Yes I’m that old!!)

My Primary School

Mum always used to say not to return to places from your past because they are always a disappointment, I don’t necessarily agree, it wasn’t a disappointment, it was very interesting and above all, we three sisters, enjoyed being together and we had a great day. I think it’s time we planned another trip…..but where?  We must get our thinking caps on….

Sisters….if you’re reading this……”Any ideas? Let’s leave the husbands for a while and go on another road trip!!!”


10 thoughts on “DAY 110 (Road trip with Sisters)

  1. My sisters and I once took an impromptu road trip to Colorado (USA) to see a concert in an outdoor theater (Red Rock Amphitheatre). We also did plenty of sightseeing and dining out at local watering holes, as well as one very posh restaurant. It was good fun.

    When I had better health, I would take a road trip back to my high school town (about three states away from where I live now) at least twice a year. I really miss being able to take those road trips. In fact, I’ve been giving serious consideration to trying again. I get itchy feet just thinking about it. 🙂

    • I know it’s wonderful isn’t it? Hope you’ll be able to get back on the road again soon. Half the fun is in the planning. I still love maps rather than gps so I think we’ll be getting a trip organized as soon as the weather is better.

  2. You were brought up in a place that tourists go to see. How lucky to have experienced two lifestyles: the rustic one, and the modern one in a big city. Thanks for sharing your past with us

    • Yes I know, it’s the most perfect of places to have one’s childhood, unfortunately it doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities for young adults. I’m glad I left but it was so good to go back and see it again!

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