DAY 111 (A very good Friday)

The sky was blue again this morning but it was very, very chilly and all the birds’ water bowls were frozen in the garden.

I went for a walk and met up with my friend with Archie, who is Charlie’s favourite mate.  They play ‘chase’ together and Archie is a real gentleman and lets Charlie ‘catch’ him now and then. It sounds vicious but they really do have a good time.

Slowing down to let Charlie 'catch' him.

Nearly Gotcha

Playing chase

Such a lovely gentle giant

Can also be a 'bit of a fool'!

One thing that we noticed during our walk was that the new leaves on the trees were drooping and we couldn’t work out whether it was because it had been a cold night or whether it’s due to the lack of water, we now have an active hose pipe ban here in the south of England.

Lack of water?

Drooping Leaves

Charlie also met his double!! In a different colour!!


I then came home and took a couple of photos in my garden…using the mirrors that I have hung up.

Reflection of bottle in mirror

My Olive tree in the mirror

It has definitely been a Good Friday, Hubby came back from golf having stopped and bought me a lovely little bunch of flowers…ahhhh! Photos of those, tomorrow no doubt!

Happy Easter Everyone, I hope you all get at least one Easter Egg!! (Or a bunch of flowers!!)


7 thoughts on “DAY 111 (A very good Friday)

  1. Beautiful photos – walking with the dogs looks like fun. It is nice yours has a mate – I am sure he looks forward to frolicking with him on the walk.
    Enjoy your Easter too 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting..Yes it’s the best part of the day. He has lots of mates but I think Archie is his favourite! Now I’ve had such a lovely day and it’s time to go to work….Bah!!!

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