DAY 113 (Guess what I had for Breakfast?)

Happy Easter to you all, I hope you will get to celebrate it in the manner that pleases you, be it with family, friends, going to church having a slap up meal or if you’re like me, doing the cleaning, the ironing and then on your tod sat in front of the laptop!!

When we were children we would always go to Church on Easter Sunday, after the service we would stay on for Sunday School while Mum would go home and cook up a feast and the whole family would be there, including Grandma and Grandpa.  We would receive Easter Eggs from family friends but I seem to remember we received new socks from Mum and Dad! To this day I love buying new socks!!

I’m wouldn’t consider myself to be a religious person.  I believe we were brought up to be polite, fair, honest and kind. I think Mum and Dad did a ‘bloody good job’! As far as I’m concerned my siblings are some of the loveliest people I know, and I’m not being biased! Honest!!
The way I see it is, if I can go to bed at night, safe in the knowledge that I haven’t hurt anyone’s feelings, that I have gone out of my way to be helpful and kind, then that’s got to be a good thing. I like to have a clear conscience because I don’t deal with the ‘guilt’ feeling too well, so I do my utmost to avoid getting it in the first place!! (Even down to doing the cleaning , ha ha!)
I apologise if certain readers will find my opinion a little shallow but I believe the “good in us” is in fact Godly. So there you have it, my very concise views!! Wow that was actually quite profound for me, given that I’m still half asleep!

This year, I have been very lucky and have received both an Easter Egg and a box of chocolates, so that set me a challenge, as photographing food is definitely not my strong point and when the subject is so delicious, I had less and less to photograph. It was disappearing fast!! Well just one more square!!

I hadn’t slept very well and woke up at 10:30 this morning, with a cracking headache again and although I really enjoyed taking the photos, it really taxed my brain!

Charlie must be the sweetest dog in the world, he never wakes me up in the morning, he sleeps as long as I sleep, I do feel for people when I hear that their dog wakes them at 6:30 to go out in the garden.  Charlie has the most incredible ability to cross his legs!!!
When I woke this morning the bedroom was dark due to the black out roller blinds that we have, the house was quiet and Hubby had left for work, I lay there listening to the birds outside it was lovely. It took me a good while to surface and a couple of black coffees to lift my very heavy eyelids!!

I had a very slow amble of a walk this morning, even the dog seemed a little lethargic but the woods were full of people (whom I didn’t know) and they all looked so wide awake! I think most of the town was out for a family walk. All the children were having fun climbing trees, running through the soon to bloom bluebells and throwing sticks for the family dog.  I also noticed lots of the Mums and Dads holding hands – which was so lovely to see.  It’s a shame we don’t see that more often!

I’m going to have a relatively lazy day, I shall meet a friend later for a bite to eat and I’m planning to curl up on the sofa (with any remaining chocolate!) and watch The Masters…I’ve not managed to see even a glimpse of it this year as the coverage on the BBC coincides with my working hours…most inconsiderate of them, don’t you think?

I wonder what tomorrow will bring and what photo I will take?

On that note, I shall say Happy Easter, and wish you all a lovely day.


11 thoughts on “DAY 113 (Guess what I had for Breakfast?)

  1. Those chocs look delicious!
    Fairness, kindness and honesty are not characteristics that you can find in everyone. And isn’t this a lot of what Jesus taught anyway? He wanted us to get back to basics and live without the rituals, and the baser morals determining our actions.

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