DAY 115 (Look! Clouds do have a silver lining!)

I exchanged a couple of comments with a reader last night about the amazing resource we have in our homes with access to the internet…we are so lucky! Whereas in the past we would have had to wait ask a friend, parent, teacher or go to the library to find out something or to refresh one’s memory – we now have everything we need at the tip of our fingers.
I spend many a night trying to drop off to sleep when something will pop into my head and I will be wracking my brains to work out; What’s the name of that song that I keep whistling? Who was the actress in some old movie? How come Kristen Scott Thomas speaks perfect French? Can you photograph a mirage? What’s the capital of …..? etc Oh, you’d be amazed what keeps me from my well-earned slumber!!
Well last night, true to form, I had a song going around and around in my head, ‘How do you mend a Broken Heart?’ the version by Al Green, I knew it was from a film, I knew it was a Rom/Com, I even thought it would have a star such as Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant in it!! Was it ‘Love Actually’? Was it ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’? Could I remember which film it was from? could I heck as like! It was driving me mad so at 1:30 a.m. I crept down into the lounge, trying not to wake the dog and the hubby, powered up the laptop and googled “how do you mend a broken heart, which film” and there in seconds I found it….Notting Hill! Yes! starring not only Julia Roberts but also Hugh Grant! Phew, the relief! Back to bed and quick to sleep before the brain kicked in again!!
I wonder if it’s an age thing but I find myself more and more often searching for names, dates, and the amount of times I go upstairs and stand in the doorway to the bedroom asking myself, “What did I come up here for?” or I’ll get up and go into the kitchen, open a cupboard and get a blank, I scan the contents of the cupboard in the hope that whatever I was looking for will jump up and shout…”Here I am, it’s me you came to get!”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done every room in the house(sometimes more than once!) looking for my glasses, only to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and see they’re on the top of my head!!! Somebody help me!! Ok the internet can’t help with these scenarios but I figure that if I can get a good night’s sleep then maybe I will experience less ‘senior moments’ during the day.  I live in hope!!

As I’m sat here typing I’m having difficulty in seeing the screen due to the bright sunshine streaming in through the window behind me.

Alternative Self Portrait

And this is when I noticed my silhouette on the wall in front of me!! Actually, it’s quite flattering, believe me!!

Sorry, I digress! Back to the ‘silver lining’ reference…

I had  a lovely walk by the river today but the skies were heavy with rain, fortunately they changed their minds and decided to dump it somewhere else and I came home dry.

I haven’t really taken too many photographs of skies and I wasn’t sure how these would turn out…I hope they convey the darkness of the clouds against the brightness from the sunshine that was hidden behind them. It was a fight between the two, I’m glad the sunshine won!!

And lastly and certainly not least, I saw this young couple and they were just strolling along, so taken with each other, I bet they hadn’t even noticed the clouds…ahhhhhh!!


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