DAY 121 (Where do the memories come from?)

I don’t understand how a memory just pops into your head…recently I had a memory that came to me that was so vivid…I could remember as a small child being sat on the pull down arm in the back of my Dad’s car…I can’t have been more than 4 or 5 years old, maybe younger!! During this memory I could almost smell the leather interior, and remembered how warm it felt on a sunny day.  I could see my little feet in my little shiny  patent leather (plastic!) shoes and was aware of my siblings being squashed in next to me….where do these memories suddenly come from?

I have often talked about the old car, about kids safety in the back of cars, of course in those days we had no seat belts and I would do the whole journey on the ‘arm’ I can remember climbing through the front seats to sit on Mum’s lap! Again no seat belts!! During conversations like this, this memory has never appeared….and yet just a week ago there it was in all it’s glory, in full Technicolor, like it had happened recently.

It was wonderful – very comforting and I didn’t want it to end….but like a brilliant photo I can now recall it when I like. I think it happens as you get older they do say that your short-term memory isn’t so good, and maybe that’s why older people tend to talk about the past with such clarity….

Sometimes I will be chatting with one of my siblings and they will mention something from our childhood and I’ll suddenly remember the occasion, and it’s like a lightbulb going on in a very dark room….it’s fantastic and never fails to amaze me!!

So my conclusion is, that on the negative but inevitable side, I’m getting older, on the plus side, I get to relive all the wonderful things in the past that til now I didn’t know existed!!

Has this happened to you?

All I know is – I can’t wait for the next one!!! (Oh as long as they’re good memories!!)

Here’s my photo for the day…it has absolutely nothing to do with my post but Hubby and the neighbour were working outside and I just loved the way they were shovelling the earth into the skip and was pleased to catch it mid-air!!


6 thoughts on “DAY 121 (Where do the memories come from?)

  1. Memories are strange the way they come and go. Ah the days before seatbelts- we weren’t safe but I did have fun hanging out the window feeling the wind in my hair. Love the flying mud- good shot.

  2. My children have now reached the age where they want us to tell them stories of our past. Now I am no longer the one listening to the stories – I am now the storyteller!

    • How lovely! Have you thought of making a written form of your memories, my Mum passes away and I wish that I had listened more carefully…such a shame because that’s it now…we can’t go back.

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