DAY 128 (It’s been a good day!)

What a lovely day! Despite the most miserable weather, although it didn’t start too well on the photo front…it was such a wet and dark day that I had no inspiration, I went into the garden in an attempt to find something of interest!
but everything was so soggy and damp  I haven’t got a rain hood for my camera and believe me taking photos with your camera in a zip lock bag isn’t easy!! So I went indoors to do the ironing and thought ‘Aha, I’ll take photos of the iron!’ Sheer desperation!!

Suddenly, Hubby cried out….”Quick, what’s that bird on the fence….quick get your camera” and there it was…a real beauty;

It was so fluffy and cute, I’ve named it as a sparrowhawk but I need to Google it to be sure…if you know different, please let me know.

Oh and to top it all off – I’ve sold some of my dog photos!! Yes, yes and yes!!!


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