DAY 130 (desperately seeking inspiration)

Oh my! This is the most awful weather we are having here in the South East of the UK…it is constantly raining, thunder, lightning and hail storms, oops, having said that, now I’m sat comfortably, the sun is just peeking out…of course now I’ve done all my outside chores!!

I have wet clothes hanging from every door, chair back and radiator.  I have a plethora of boots, wellies and clogs all at the base of the radiator sitting in little puddles!!

I even put a coat on the dog this morning otherwise he will NOT walk in the rain! I didn’t take a photo I thought I would leave his pride intact!!

Because of the weather I found that inspiration was a little on the low side! However, yesterday afternoon, knowing today would be wet, I’d decided if I could dodge the rainstorms I would mosey on down to the local playground and take some pics….I was sure to be there on my own…and at the risk of looking like some mad, perverted old lady, off I went!!

I’m glad I went, I got some good shots and I really liked the contrast of the bright colours  with the wet and misery of the weather. At one stage it just got darker and darker and I had to take refuge under a climbing frame but I was right, there was no one else there!!  I was very aware that I was being watched by a chap from an office window overlooking the park…I’m expecting the police to knock on the door at any minute!!

As there are quite a few photos, I uploaded them as a gallery, if you click on the first one you can then view them as a slide show….

Hope you are having better weather than me!!



17 thoughts on “DAY 130 (desperately seeking inspiration)

  1. Love the colours and your eye for a photo, who would have thought of a shot on a chain link with a drop of water.? certainly not I, but I learn to look around now seeing all the brilliant photos of others thanks for the inspiration.

    • that’s very kind of you, as a green keeper you’d be challenged here in the UK at the moment! We had a hosepipe ban come into force on the 5th April and it has done nothing but rain since! The course was closed today and I guess tomorrow too!

  2. Love the footprints photo! If only rain was that much fun where you could make funky multi-coloured rain stained foot prints everywhere! And yes, the weather is particularly busy this week here too, the wet is certainly coming out of the sky in a big hurry!

  3. Water water everywhere, and no photo to click, eh? But you’ve done wonderfully. I love the chain link!
    I’m no fan of rain either. Hope it ends soon.

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