DAY 135 (Come! Share my walk!)

Well after a fantastic night’s sleep, virtually unheard of in this house, I woke up bright and early to..guess what?  Yes more rain! It’s now official, the wettest April since records began!! And they have declared that we are experiencing a drought!! We still have a hose pipe ban in place. I tell you the world has gone mad!

I just want to upload some of the photos I took on my walk yesterday.  In no particular order and of no particular subject but I enjoyed snapping away because of course yesterday we had the most fabulous weather…something we haven’t seen around here for a very long time. It doesn’t bode well for May either, time to emigrate I think!!

I’ve mentioned before that since concentrating on photography I tend to look at the world in a different way not just at eye level, I find my eyes dart around searching out photo opportunities. (I probably look a bit odd but no change there then!!)
This is what I saw yesterday morning….

Apparently photographers see things in a different way....why did I take this?

You see? Some poor doggy must have been very frustrated!!

It was so good to see flowers and plants dry and soaking up the sunshine…I had fun with the rhododendron one!

Playing with Photoshop!

And so there you have it….a day clicking away at plants and trees!!
I know what you’re thinking “What! No dog photos?”  Aha well I wouldn’t want to disappoint you…so here are a couple!!

It's all in the eyes!

Getting the stick under control!!

Two sticks are always better than one!!

I hope you enjoyed the journey of my day!!



6 thoughts on “DAY 135 (Come! Share my walk!)

  1. Stunning photos! I wonder if evolution is working on a Tree Dog that can climb those awkward branches to fetch toys! Loved that bottom photo the best, you capture doggy expressions so well.

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