DAY 136 (Evidence of the drought!)

Right so by now you are all aware that the UK is slap bang in the middle of a drought…well here are some photos to demostrate the dry, scorched land that we are currently having to endure…as you can see my lawn is really suffering!!

How long is your grass?

And as a result the local wildlife are suffering…

Yuk, yuk and thrice yuk!!

I found this slime ball climbing up my window, evidently searching for water…or maybe found the ground too wet!!

Ok a bit of a cheat now, some of the photos I took over the summer (ie: last Monday!!)
Again no theme, just things I saw on the day….

Hold on kiddo!!

Faster, Mum, Faster!!

I love this shot of the city of London beyond the parkland.


Realised there was an upside down Ladybird when I downloaded this!

And as if to prove my point about the weather…..

The lesser spotted Brolly Tree!

It’s no wonder all we Brits talk about is the weather!!!


5 thoughts on “DAY 136 (Evidence of the drought!)

  1. Love the photos, all I have heard is its raining all over face book, did not realise you were in a drought. Normally the slugs knock on the door for water, getting desperate climbing on the windows, shame. Love the lesser spotted umbrella tree, must get one for my house. ha ha.

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