DAY 137 (And now I’m posting a recipe!! of sorts.)

It’s official, I have webbed feet!!

Had a lovely walk in the rain, again! This time I noticed that a couple of trees have come down over the last couple of weeks. Honestly we’re really taking a battering!!

And another one bites the dust!

Anyway enough about the weather….I was getting my things ready for work tonight, keys, pens, flask of coffee etc and a moment of panic…”Where are my mints?” Yes, I’m addicted to Extra Strong Mints along with the coffee!!

Part of my daily intake!

I insist on taking a flask of black, sweet coffee to work with me and I sip at it constantly through my shift til midnight…no wonder I don’t sleep too well!!
I’m not half as unhealthy as you must be thinking – look at this beauty, it’s a pot of Living Lettuce, three different types….yummy!! I just love the colours.  One of my favourite salads, come the fine weather, is just green salad and I add everything that I have that is green ie: Lettuce, Cucumber, Spring Onions, Mint and Grapes…it really is delicious and very refreshing. Try it if you have some fine weather it’s beautiful served with a baked Camembert!!

Lollo Rosso, Blanda and Oak Leaf.


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