DAY 141 (Now you see it, now you don’t!)

I was planning on making this a project but everything seems to have stopped!!

The neighbours had lived here for about 27 years and they moved out…the very same day – in came the builders and this is what happened in just 4 days!!!

The owners moved out at midday, the builders were waiting for them to leave!

There goes the roof!

And a bit of the wall

There she goes!

It is no more

There you go….27 years of memories…gone!! Just like that! Now the builders have disappeared and the plot of land is a quagmire!! Just to add insult to injury they’re going to build four houses on the plot!!

Hey ho!



11 thoughts on “DAY 141 (Now you see it, now you don’t!)

  1. Wherever there’s a slim space someone is keeping an eye out with the plan to stick 4 tiny Lego brick houses in it. I guess folks need somewhere to live but damn some of these new houses look like prisons!

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