DAY 142 (House guest)

Today I collected ‘Tessy Dear’ just for a trial overnighter, she may come and stay in June for two weeks if she likes Charlie, Hubby and me.  She was fine on collection, had  a great afternoon and now is in the doldrums, missing her owner!! Ah bless, she’s taken to lying under the dining room table. Poor little soul, I can’t coax her out.  Maybe I’ll have to get down on all fours and tickle her tumm!! She’s beautiful and so well behaved.

How cute am I?

Fed up – want my Mum!!


4 thoughts on “DAY 142 (House guest)

  1. I hope Tessy adapts. I had a border collie for many years- she never was big on change and would hide under the table until she felt safe. They need a “job” like fetch the ball to feel secure.

    • Well just woken up and Bless her she’s fine, but will no doubt be pleased to be reunited with Mum later. I think if she stayed for two weeks she would settle, she’s not unhappy!

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