DAY 148 ♫♫ It’s raining again!! ♫♫

Yes, there you go! That’s the news from the south of England. I think I’m going to invest in a splash suit like all the kiddies seem to be wearing around here at the moment!! It’s the perfect apparel given that we are still experiencing a drought!!

I refuse to get depressed. So today I’m spending a lot of time sat at the computer listening to music hence the comments on all the photos…I’m trying to be a little inventive and a bit of a smarty pants…I worked out how to type a Music Symbol…Yea! I hope you are all suitably impressed. (Not bad for an old lady eh?)

♫ raindrops keep falling on my head♫

Yes, as I was saying, sitting at the computer trying desperately hard to organise my photos…what a pain! Honestly, how did I get into such a mess? How have I got so many?  I have folders, sub folders, extra sub folders and then more folders, just in case!! I have folders with originals, folders for edited, folders for resized, folders for non processed, for goodness sake I have more than three folders for ‘Work in Progress’ and I don’t seem to be progressing very much!! And that is on my external hard drive, I haven’t even started on the PC, no wonder it’s so slow!!  So today I took the bull by the horns, put the heating on, turned up the music, and delved into each and every folder and guess what, I got bored and decided to tell you all about it instead…I’m at it again aren’t I? Just waiting for the sympathetic comments that will make me feel so much better about not having completed the task at hand.  I shall go back to it later, promise, but at the moment my eyes are stinging from looking at all the images.  I did take a little walk outside earlier and found these rather lovely flowers (at my neighbours, not mine!!)

♫ Purple rain, purple rain♫

Why is it so difficult to delete photos?  Even the ones that I know I will never use or look at again!! Although you know I’m getting much better at it, I’m actually quite ruthless and can now just about manage to delete the ones of my dog’s tail or the top of Hubby’s head!! I’m definitely getting there.
I’m finding it quite difficult keeping cheery in this weather but as I was looking through my photos I found a couple that just made me smile. The first is Archie, my friend’s dog, he is such a beautiful boy and so gentle, we finish every walk with a cuddle, he snuggles into my neck and just stays there until I’m ready to stop,he is the sweetest lad, the second one is the most feisty little chap, he thinks he’s a lion and would take on the world. I love the way his owner treats him as though he were a German Shepherd or a Labrador and not just as a bundle of fluff as a result this little guy is just full of spirit.

♫Always look on the bright side of life ♫

♫ Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun (I wish!)

I think I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone, I’ve been so busy that my blog has had to go on the back burner, I have managed to upload one or more photos a day, as was my challenge, but as for sitting and reading and commenting I really haven’t had the time, so please forgive me. I’m waiting for a day on my own when I can curl up on the sofa with my ipad and read and read and read, but I’ve no idea when that will be. I can’t see it happening this month so bear with me. I really appreciate those of you who still pop by and have a peek at my photos and are kind enough to leave such lovely comments (you know who you are!) So in the words of David Soul (look out another music comment coming up) ♫ Don’t give up on me, baby♫ (Not sure about the Baby bit – but it was all I could think of!!)

Keep Dry and Keep Happy!! Oh and Keep Singing♫ Ha Ha!!


11 thoughts on “DAY 148 ♫♫ It’s raining again!! ♫♫

  1. i have been singing ( I wish it would rain down……Plill colins ….followed by Here comes the
    rain again ( Eurythmics ) and if anyone says to me yet again : its good for the garden I I WILL SCREAM !
    your lovely photos cheer me up though

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