DAY 151 (Ahh now that’s good news!)

I have just now heard that I’m going to be the ‘photographer’ at the local dog show in a couple of weeks time!! I’m so excited but also very nervous…any tips from you fellow photographers will be really appreciated….please pray for some dry weather, well behaved, beautiful dogs and great sales (I’m donating to a Charity so the more sales, the better!)
I will update at a later date…must go!!

Yipeeeeeeeee!!  🙂


14 thoughts on “DAY 151 (Ahh now that’s good news!)

  1. Its digital, just snap away and you have plenty to choose from. Shoot not only the dogs, also the crowd, the people, the atmosphere, the location, the signage…..etc.

    If you are low on memory card, delete those horrid images on the spot. Make sure you have enough batteries. Best of luck on your assignment.

  2. after all the absolutely gorgeous shots you’ve posted of your dog park walks and all the doggie visitors, I can’t imagine you won’t do a fabulous job if you just follow your instincts. Good luck, and have fun!

    • Thank you so much, that is so kind of you…hopefully we’ll have some good weather and I will do as you say, follow my instincts, surely I’ll get a couple of good shots!! Thanks again.

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