DAY 155 (Late afternoon walk)

Today started out grey and chilly but as the day has worn on – it’s become more and more sunny. It has had a strange effect on me, I found myself out in the garden, sat in a sunchair with my iPod plugged into my ears,

Song number 1 – tapping my foot
Song number 2 – head nodding along with the foot
Song number 3 – couldn’t help myself, I was up and dancing on the decking like an old lady! Spinning around until I felt dizzy!! I have no idea if the neighbours saw me and you know what? I don’t care!
It was wonderful, although I did feel a little sick and a bit of a fool afterwards!! It was ‘Pencil full of Lead’ by Paolo Nuttini – I defy anyone to keep still to that song!!

My friend and I decided to take the dogs on a walk, as it was such beautiful weather, we did exactly the same walk as this morning but with the sun shining, it was like a new discovery, it was just so beautiful.

Reflections at the pond

Spot the dog…Yes Charlie’s in there, somewhere!!

A dip

Some kind of beetle!!

Nature – showing off again!

I now have a very tired dog and I think I’ll sit down and have a cuppa!!

Flower Appreciation Society

Afternoon tea, anyone?

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