DAY 160 (and the answer is….)

Well believe it or not it’s a WINDOWVAC!!

Sounds mad doesn’t it  but it’s fantastic…you simply charge it up and it has a small reservoir that collects all the you sponge your windows down with a wet soapy sponge and then hoover up the liquid and it leaves you with smear free windows ta da!! And to proove my point here’s a photo of my reflection in the kitchen window!! How cool is that? It cost £50 but I think it was worth every penny…at least I can see out of the house now!!!

I popped into the garden, and everyday a new plant is flowering – today it’s the Rhododendron and it’s quite stiking.
Even the weeds are doing well, I like to allow a couple to grow as it’s good for the wildlife I always make sure I have a good stinging nettle and couple of others with flowers….then pull them out before they go to seed!!
And here as usual is today’s doggy picture….yes surprise surprise….Charlie…meeting a dog nearly three times his size…this would make a good photo for a caption competition!!!



12 thoughts on “DAY 160 (and the answer is….)

  1. Caption for the dogs…”What do you think of the windowvac?” “Looks good to me, certainly fooled the old chap who thought it a scraper…”
    Loved the photos…

  2. Sounds like the windowvac has at least one happy customer! I would never have guessed that one, but now, of course, it seems so obvious.

    Love the reflective shot (so CLEAR), and Charlie seems on the verge of a playful jaunt. I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but I’ve been following your blog now (off and on, as time allows) for a couple months, and somehow I never came across anything that gave me any specific idea of your age, but for some reason, I’ve imagined you as being in your early to late twenties. Imagine my surprise to see your reflected image, and discover you are nearer my age (of 53), instead of a sprite young thing of twenty. Well, apparently you have the energy of a sprite young thing, because your photos and words are filled with an enthusiasm and very alive energy. I love it when I discover a surprise.

    Now that I’ve taken the time to read your About page, clearly there were clues … married more than thirty years, and a photo of you taking a photo (but I think I’ve seen the photo before, and assumed blond hair versus white). Loooove the beautiful white of your hair. Gorgeous. Now go tell your husband that someone has been mistaking you for a twenty year old. He better try to keep up. *smile*

    • Oh how funny, yes I’m an old white haired lady but it was just a couple of days ago I was talking to a friend and told her that I actually stopped counting at 26 because that’s how old I feel!! So you weren’t far wrong!!

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