DAY 165 (Richmond Park and Isabella Plantation)

As I told you I’ve had a couple of lovely days being a tourist.  These are photos taken on our trip to Richmond Park, it’s amazing, as you stand in the park you can see London in the very close distance!! Within in the park is The Isabella Plantation, a riot of Azaleas and Rhododendrons and although the flowers are amazing it seemed to be the leaves that caught my eye, especially with the bright, sunshine coming through.  I hope you enjoy them….


9 thoughts on “DAY 165 (Richmond Park and Isabella Plantation)

  1. Magnificent photos… how lucky you are going into summer whilst we degrade to winter.. I suppose the shades of yellow are not too bad… But already I look forward to summer..

    • I’m like you, I’m not overly keen on the cooler months even with the leaves changing colour, I just love the sunshine, everyone seems so much happier and friendlier when it’s fine!

    • It’s wonderful isn’t it? It’s like a little hidden paradise and it doesn’t matter how many people are there because with it’s winding paths you can get lost!

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