DAY 168 ( A right royal wash out!)

What a shame, after all the lovely weather we’ve had, today it has poured with rain, I stayed in with a friend and we ate cheese and pate and sipped Rose wine and pretended it was fine whilst watching the celebrations taking place in London. Oh those poor people got such a soaking, hats off to them for the perseverence…as for the Queen she stood for the whole event and she is 86 years old and her hubby I’m sure is 90 and he was as straight as can be…what a couple of troopers….I don’t think I could manage that at that age….

And some sad news, this little fella has passed away…it’s so sad , as all the dogs are all more or less the same age, they seem to be going one by one…I hope Charlie hangs in there for many more years, actually he’ll probably outlive me!!!


9 thoughts on “DAY 168 ( A right royal wash out!)

  1. Sorry to hear your little one passed … they surely do work their way into our hearts. I hope Charlie is your hiking buddy for many more years to come.

    Seeing as how I have a holey roof right now, I’m glad for once I’m in south Texas where it is nothing but sun, sun, and more sun …. all that rain would be in my living room right now!

    • Oh dear a holey roof, that’s not good, I do have a dripping in my attic but I really can’t be bothered to go and check it….the sun is desperately trying to come out and then a massive black cloud appears!!

    • I know, but he was very elderly and his life wasn’t too much fun at the end, so all in all the right decision was made, but they leave such a gap in our lives when they leave 😦

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