DAY 170 (Foxgloves in my jungle)

Well hello everyone, gosh I feel as if I’ve been through a wringer…I really don’t know what I’ve been doing to keep me so busy but I feel as though my blog has been neglected as has my photography.

We have just had a little burst of dry, sunny weather, (about 15 minutes!) so I thought I would venture out into the garden and see what’s been happening whilst I’ve been preoccupied with more pressing events. Wow, it looks like a jungle, the grass is again about 6 inches long and it’s far too wet to mow it, the flower beds are just full to bursting with foilage…I’m pleased to report that my foxgloves have powered on and up through it all and although they do look a little bedraggled they are lovely.  I have a yearly struggle with Hubby on the Foxglove issue, he really dislikes them and they are one of my favourites, he classes them as weeds and attempts to pull them out when I’m not looking but hey there’s no pulling a fast one on me…I always catch him!! And I have little pockets of them and he doesn’t know where they are until it’s too late!! Ha!!

One that hubby missed!!

Looking a little soggy!

The potato plant

Alternative view

Foxglove in the jungle

I love having something to look forward to and although it’s only June I am looking for my next exciting thing in my diary, ignoring my trip to the dentist next week, I think the next big thing is the summer holiday!! Charlie has his passport and he’s coming with us to France..”mais oui, monsieur will travel’!! He’s too old to leave behind and we would miss him too much!  I mean what would we do without all the dog hair and the dribble? It just wouldn’t be the same!!

Damn, I’ve just put a load of washing on and I can hear the most tremendous banging and crashing coming from the back of the house, I think it’s my washing machine, that’s really the last thing I need just now, I hope that doesn’t give up the ghost!!
Well before I go and see if I have a ‘flooding’ situation, I’ll post some photos of my foxgloves, I think they’re glorious!

Fingers crossed that the weather will improve soon!!


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