DAY 171 (Small tribute to the Queen and another rant)

Ok it’s not really a tribute, but it’s certainly one of the things I like about the queen…it’s just I wish I had more!! Ha ha…

Tower of pounds

I watched some of the concert last night, in honour of the Queen, and whilst I can thoroughly appreciate all the work that has gone it to arranging it, and it was fantastic.  There are certain ‘older’ singers that should really know when to give up!! It hurt my ears, I would rather have seen them mime, but to drag out these old men (who are called our treasures!!) and may I add it was the men not the ladies….aghhhh…not good!! Well that’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it…leave the live singing to the youngsters!!

Small Change

Oh and whilst I’m having a rant, what the heck is going on with Gary Barlow? He’s suddenly appeared from nowhere and now he’s everywhere, he’s like a bloody rash that you can’t get rid of.  He appears to have lifted himself to another level…I can’t stand him, I admit he’s one heck of a song writer but what’s all this rubbing shoulders with Lords, Ladies and now royalty…he’s certainly giving David Beckham a run for his money. Who will be made a ‘Sir’ first?? Um I wonder?  He’s a pompous little  **- well say no more but he irritates me to an extent where I walk out of the room if he’s on the TV…and that doesn’t happen very often!!


Now something that is great – Charlie at the grand old age of 11 years, swam today for the 2nd time in his life!!  He was paddling in the pond and on the opposite side was a coot, cooting (or whatever noise they make!) it was too much of a temptation, he set off pounding through the shallows until he suddenly realised the floor had disappeared!! He splashed and splashed and spluttered, front paws clawing at the air and water, showing the whites of his eyes, poor little soul, I could hardly see him for all the water he had disturbed!! Needless to say by the time he got to the other side of the pond the coot was well gone….hardly stealth like Charlie Boy…I laughed so much! I have a feeling he won’t be doing that again in a while!! Just typical I didn’t have my camera with me!!

Pocket full

Thank you for putting up with my rants and grumbles, must be the weather and the lack of Queen Elizabeth in my bank account….!! Ha ha!!

Hope everyone has enjoyed the Jubilee, back to work tomorrow!!!

Need more of these


4 thoughts on “DAY 171 (Small tribute to the Queen and another rant)

  1. I have noticed a lot of old and retired singers coming out of the woodwork lately. Why now? I wonder. And what they are singing is all the old stuff – nothing new.

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