DAY 172 (Bits, Buttons and Bobs!)

Why does it take me so long to tidy up?
Today for example I decided I was going to tidy out my Sewing Box. Why? Who knows? Once I opened it, it was like an Aladdin’s Cave, it brought back so many memories.  My Mum was a keen seamstress and all our childhood clothes were handmade with love.  I can recall visits to the local town and we would enter the haberdasher’s and material shops, all I can remember is looking up the hollow tubes of the fabric rolls (well I was only very small then and it was as far as I could see!!) It was totally lost on me, Mum would hold up a piece of cloth and say “Now this would make a lovely summer dress’ I didn’t ‘get it’! To be totally honest with you I still don’t.

Used only when I’m on a diet!!

I’m just not talented in that area, I remember during our Home Economic classes in school, the teacher would ask me to bring out my lovely, felt square upon which I was embroidering a Peacock – she would refer to it as ‘a duster’ so there you go, I never had the sewing bug and I guess I never will.

Sequins? I have no idea where these come from but they’re so pretty!!

The most I do is sew on a button and I’m afraid on the rare occasions this chore has to be done, I normally end up sewing the button to some other random piece of fabric – it has been known for me to attach my trousers to the item in question….and most times the garment ends up covered in little red dots of blood where I’ve pricked my finger over and over again.  It’s not a job I will ever be very good at and one I definitely will never enjoy!

On the other hand, buttons bring back a flood of memories, as a child I used to love going through Mum’s Button Box, it was a beautiful, battered, golden round biscuit tin and it was full to overflowing. It contained buttons of all shapes, sizes and colours…there were the beautiful, delicate, little bone buttons, the stunning blazer buttons from my father’s Bowling Jacket, and then the big, fancy, right over the top, bright, round, shiny, plastic buttons that Mum would use to decorate hand knitted jumpers. I loved it.

Then there were all the reels of coloured thread, it was a myriad of colour and those beautiful old wooden cotton reels were wonderful, I can remember wishing that Mum would finish the thread so that we could have the empties! Mum also used to embroider so there would be skeins of silk in every possible hue, it was a delight and yet it never encouraged me to take up the hobby.

I did knit a cotton jumper once in the 80’s, newly married, probably wanted to impress the hubby!! Well I got bored and it turned out as a very, very, very cropped top!! Shame it was a nice pattern but I just don’t have the patience for that.

Black and white, covers all eventualities in my house!!

My sewing box has two reels of thread, one black and one white and to be perfectly honest with you, I cannot remember the last time I used either of them. I have pins…why? It’s not like I’m going to buy a pattern any day soon and if I’m shortening hems then out comes the webbing and iron it on….the results are appalling but I don’t care!

I have a plethora of safety pins – now those I do use for when a button falls off!! Ha Ha you see…. not so stupid eh? Another wonderful gadget I have in my sewing box is a glue gun…oh the shame, I shan’t tell what I use that for but it has come in handy on many an occasion and I would rather burn myself than prick my finger with a needle….that is the most unpleasant feeling it makes you jump and it just reminds me of going to the GP for a jab, no, I’m afraid it’s hot. scalding glue for me every time!!
So there you have it, the entire contents of my Sewing Box!!  As I said I was going to clear it out but all these wonderful little trinkets are just too pretty to throw out…at least they’re good for something, I’ve wasted a load of time photographing them!!


6 thoughts on “DAY 172 (Bits, Buttons and Bobs!)

  1. I remember sitting with Mom when she gave me her button box. The passing of a torch. She fingered this button and then another. Each with a story, this one was from her first cashmere coat, this one from her wedding suit. A special memory- thank you.

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