DAY 177 (More rain and more colour!)

The weather is appalling AGAIN!!! I’ve had enough…time to emigrate I think. It’s just raining all the time and may I take this opportunity to inform you that we still have a hose pipe ban in place!!

I decided to have another sort out today,  I thought I would only sort things with colour in a desperate bid to brighten up my day! I started by going through, what I call, my writing paper box.

I almost wish I hadn’t started!!

I’ve decided that I must be half woman/half squirrel, I’ve no idea where most of this came from, I do like to buy pretty paper and some of this is so old it’s a little faded so that’s going in the bin. With the event of email I very rarely write what I call ‘proper letters’ ie with a pen and paper, which is a shame as I used to really enjoy it. I would probably get writer’s cramp within 2 minutes if I  attempted a proper letter these days.


In my early teens I worked abroad and would write home to Mum on AirMail letters. Boy! they were a nightmare to write on, the paper was so thin and flimsy and I always had to write in my smallest handwriting so as to fit all my news in!! In return I would receive letters from Mum, and it was thrilling to receive an AirMail letter, to catch up on the news back home, opening the fragile envelope and desperately trying not to tear the letter. I would squint as I read each and every word of Mum’s beautiful handwriting crammed on to one page.  I wish I’d kept some of them (what was I saying about the squirrel in me!!)

Cards, cards and more cards!

I do find that I do keep in touch with people on a more regular basis with email and now of course with texting it’s so easy to just send a quick message, “how are you?” ” how’s the family? “etc. but of course there is no detail in texting, and so it really is a superficial way of keeping in touch.

Ah Happy Colours

You may find this hard to believe, given the way I can drone on about nothing in particular but I really dislike talking on the phone, I find that after 2 minutes of conversation I start to glaze over! It seems to be such a waste of time, I normally make phone calls whilst ironing, that way I can get two jobs done! (It always results in me having a terribly sore neck as I hold the phone on my shoulder!) I think phones should only be used for very important transfer of the most important of information. Hello, I’m ringing to tell you…..blah blah blah and goodbye….that would do me!!
Maybe it’s because I can’t see the other person that I can’t seem to connect with just the voice.

Now Skype, Facetime etc is another matter, although I don’t use it too often I find it is brilliant, maybe it’s because there is the visual aspect and I can see the facial expression of the person I’m talking to.

Anyway enough, chit-chat, time to carry on with the sort out!

Hope it’s sunny where you are!!


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