DAY 179 (House guest is here)Updated with photos….

Well WordPress didn’t want to open with my usual browser so I’ve downloaded Safari and it’s working fine….these computers are fine when they work, but what a hassle when they decide to play up.
I’m feeling a lot better today, I’ve caught up on lost sleep and feel much perkier…well our houseguest has arrived and she’s adorable and so far as good as gold…she’s with me for 2 weeks and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

She has the most incredible amount of hair…compared to Charlie so I’m praying the weather stays dry or I’m going to run out of towels!!!

Oh dear I had some photos but this browser won’t let me upload them, I think I’ll go and have some dinner and come back to it later…if I don’t, the computer may end up going through a window!! Agggggghhhhhhh it’s so annoying…bear with me, hopefully I can do something about it. Who knows?
There you see, a little bit of a rest, an episode of Midsommer Murders, (I’m surprised anyone wants to live there…everyone dies a very grisly death!!) and the computer likes me again….so here are some photos of my beautiful newcomer and some from the garden….


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