DAY 180 (It’s official!)

Afternoon all….well I’m just getting ready for work and I feel really unhappy at the thought of leaving Charlie and Tess on their own!! Charlie is used to my working late nights but Tess is used to having someone with her most of the time.

I bet any money once I’m out the door…they’ll turn the music up, invite all the neighbourhood strays around and it’ll be parteeeeeee time!! (Oh now my imagination has gone into overdrive!) I can just see it now Charlie will be sat on the sofa with all the other dogs gathered around and he’ll regale them with stories of his impending travels to Europe with his new passport!! Bless!!

I spend a load of time yesterday messing about trying to find a photo of Charlie to put in his passport….there is space for it and it says “Photo – Optional” I read that as “Obligatory” and there is no space for his profession which we all know is “All round Good Boy”! Ah well we shall have to do with “Cross Breed”! As for the state of his Manhood I think that’s a bit much….how degrading!!

So what do you think? Cute or what? Actually I think he looks a little snobby and aloof but that should amuse the customs men!!


8 thoughts on “DAY 180 (It’s official!)

  1. How adorable is he? Rather regal in countenance. But then again, shouldn’t ALL world-traveling pooches be considered a bit on the privileged side of life? He knows he’s handsome. In a quiet and dignified way, of course. Ahem.

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