DAY 181 (Downpour!!)

Well walked the dogs this morning which was a lovely amble with friends, the dogs behaved beautifully and Tess is settling in quite nicely. Came home, coffee, check emails etc suddenly the heavens opened and we had a deluge….within 5 minutes it was over and the sun came out. It was fabulous….I ran out in the garden to get some shots before the sun disappeared…very quickly so they aren’t to brilliant. Came  back in with soggy feet!!

I wish you all sunshine because this is really depressing here in the UK. Oh and you won’t believe this, our water company isn’t lifting the hose pipe ban BECAUSE this is the wrong type of rain….I give up!!!


6 thoughts on “DAY 181 (Downpour!!)

    • Oh don’t get me started in the UK if anything doesn’t work the authorities find some inexplicable excuse! So far we’ve had the wrong type of snow and now rain! It’s madness. On the upside the UK has some of the most countryside and it’s so green at the moment we have to take the bad with the good…..good lesson for life in general I think!

  1. We had our hose pipe ban lifted here in soggy Cambridge. Guess we had the right sort of water, or it went it the right direction maybe. Not that I need a hose pipe right now as the rain is doing just fine!

    • I’ve just got this bee in my bonnet, I want to pressure wash the back yard…having said that I don’t use it too often as it’s always bloody raining!! It can wait!!

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