DAY 183 (Sunday, Sunshine, Salad and Sleepiness!)

Sunshine, I can’t believe it!! AT LAST!! We have sunshine.:)

So what shall I do, mow the lawn, do the washing, the ironing maybe? the weeding, wash the car, no way Jose!! I’m going to lie down in the sun and make the most of it….cos it probably won’t last.

Everytime a cloud covers the sun I shall run in and add a bit more to this post!!

I have taken photos from my lying down spot today…not easy but fun. Some of them at very odd angles…enjoy trying to work some of them out!!

I have my friend popping over for a quick bite to eat so it just has to be outdoors. I’m running in and out doing odd bits while the sun hides, how convenient!

What a wonderful day! Long may it continue….fingers crossed.


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