DAY 184 (Bugs and Creepy Crawlies)

I went into the garden looking for some inspiration…although I know I don’t have any new flowers that have come into bloom, I suppose I was just being lazy!! This wet weather seems to have encouraged more wildlife into the garden than I would care for…so many creepy crawlies…I had fun taking the photos but now feel really itchy!!


I didn’t really focus on the ladybird but all the pesky little black bugs…she’s got a lot of munching to do, if she’s going to get rid of that lot for me…hopefully she’ll invite some friends and they can give her a hand!

Red and Black Ladybird

Black and Red Ladybird

Here you can see the two different colourings … apparently if I’ve read correctly they are both Harlequin Ladybirds…although I’m a bit dumb so I may have got that wrong, either way I think they’re really pretty.
And this fat little fella (I actually have the whole family lodging on my Buddleia!!) is called a Mullein Shargacucullia verbasci  and it will eventually turn into a very, very plain moth!! unfortunately I don’t think there will be any plant left by the time they’ve finished snacking on it!!

This is one of my favorite plants in the garden, it’s an Acanthus or Bear’s Breeches…I love the fact that it’s so spiky, no pests on this one!!

And of course my lovely daisies, they are such a happy looking flower, don’t seem to mind all this rain either which is more than can be said for the poor delicate little Welsh poppies which have really taken a battering! Even the Foxgloves are looking sorry for themselves!

And as usual, so that you don’t think I’ve forgotten here’s one of a dog!! Ha Ha. As you know Tess is staying with me for a couple of weeks, I feel as though she’s been here forever, she’s really settled in and is a delightful houseguest…she did chew a tennis ball to bits last night but that’s it! Good as gold. Yesterday when I was lying in the sun, I had Charlie cooched up on my left hand side and Tess squished up on my right, I was stuck in the middle, it was boiling but they are so adorable. What would I do without my dogs eh?

Wishing you all sunshine!!


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