DAY 187 (Life is like a Bowl of Cherries!)

Ok time for a dental update! I went along yesterday for my check up and all is well, the tooth that is giving me a few problems is fine – it’s a horrid thing I suffer from called Trigeminal Neuralgia…and it hurts like mad, but this time it isn’t so bad, I’ll survive!

However, I have been a naughty girl and have neglected the flossing, so it was back in the chair today with the hygenist ( no, she didn’t sit in the chair with me…you know what I mean!) I now have lovely, sparkly teeth, but as a result I have pimples on the end of my tongue because I keep rubbing the back of my teeth and now it’s sore!! It set me back £70.00.

I then took my car for a service and that cost me just over £150.00. Hubby has now put his car in for a service and his needs two new tyres – so goodness knows how much that is going to cost! It’s been an expensive day and we haven’t really done anything at all!

Life is a bowl of cherries with all it’s imperfections!

Ah well such is life. Ah yes, the title, Life is like a Bowl of Cherries…now that’s because cherries are my favourite fruit and Hubby knows that if he really wants to spoil me then it’s cherries he has to offer me…I was so delighted and decided that before I started eating them all I would take some photos of them…perfection in a bowl…it’s only when I downloaded the photos from the camera that I see they aren’t perfect at all…full of little imperfections, just like us!

It’s so true, I know many people (normally younger and less experienced in life!) who see people and just look at the initial appearance and decide there and then that they have the perfect life and yet when we look closer we realise that their lives are maybe far from perfect.  Is that a little too profound for me? I don’t know but it seems to be a good analogy from where I’m sat! Either way the cherries were delicious!

Then as if I wasn’t spoiled enough some friends came to dinner and gave me the most beautiful bunch of roses, these too were subject to the Canon treatment…followed by a little Photoshop for good measure.

The original colour.

A bit of Photoshop manipulation.

More playing!!

Just plain perfection.

And lastly the dogs, well Tess isn’t used to the camera and so is quite interested with the whirring and the clicking, although she is getting used to it –

Charlie on the other hand is just so fed up with me pointing the black box at him…I think his face tells us all exactly what he’s thinking…poor soul he was fast asleep..

Oh for goodness sake woman, “Go Away!”


12 thoughts on “DAY 187 (Life is like a Bowl of Cherries!)

    • No I quit fb a while back…detoxed myself from it. As for the Neuralgia, I try and ignore it…but when it raises it’s ugly head it’s a nightmare. Fortunately I’ve only ever had one really serious bout and it was the most debilitating thing I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, it’s atrocious, I did a lot of googling when first diagnosed.

      • Thank you that’s good to know. I can’t believe that some people suffer with this on a daily basis, no wonder it’s called the suicide disease, I have never known such pain…I collapsed on a couple of occasions when I had a really bad bout. Good luck to all.

  1. Hehe, Bessie has a similar look to Charlie when I have the camera in hand! Nice post, the cherries look delicious, the frost hit when ours whilst flowering so no cherries or cherry plums for us this year.

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