DAY 188 (Rusty)

Yes it’s raining again!! So into the garden in-between the showers, to see what’s new, not a lot really! Just plants going mad, it’s like a jungle and the poor little plants don’t stand a chance!! They are totally smothered by all the triffids!

I did notice a lot of rust which I suppose is normal so I thought that could be my theme for the day!! Here are some of the things in and around my garden that are suffering from all the rain…gosh I do hope this clears over for the Olympics…what a shame that would be – all the people travelling to the UK, I suppose it would be great business for any umbrella manufacturers though!!


6 thoughts on “DAY 188 (Rusty)

  1. Love the mossy-green algae patina on the watering can … beautiful, although I’m sure you might prefer that the elements not mess with your watering can, so it might last a while longer. Also loved (adored!) the bird bath. Very lovely. Nice photos.

    • Thanks Ntexas. I love that old watering can, I can’t remember where I got it but it’s one of my faves in the garden, I leave it out just so it looks pretty!!

  2. Oh dear … what can I say except this is British weather !!!! all of our plants are crying and guess what we still have a hose pipe ban , muddy dogs and dirty cars ,but nots sweat the small stuff ! ha ha

  3. Some nice photos here. My favourite? The one of the rusted green leaf-like object. I think I like the different colours and the suggestion of age and wear.

    • That’s from a wrought iron panel I have in the garden, I photographed it a couple of months back but it’s really taken a battering, but I just love the aged look, it adds a little something to it.

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