DAY 189 (Everything’s HIGH)

I will try not to go on too much about this today, but I’m jumping for joy…some of you will remember that I was buzzing a couple of months ago because I’d taken my first ‘light trails’ photo and I was over the moon and on a high for days … well I entered it into a competition in the local County magazine and I won first prize or ‘star photo’ as they call it. I’m chuffed to bits….one very happy girlie!!! My friends have been so lovely with congratulations a go-go!! Ooh and I won a couple of tickets to go to RHS Wisley so that will be fabulous I can’t wait…must charge the batteries!!

The other thing that is high is the result of my Cholesterol blood test…not really a surprise though given that I’m a real foodie and love all the things that are probably terribly bad for me but make me feel good. I bumped into a friend in the supermarket and on hearing this she quipped, “oh it’s genetic, blame your mother”! So there you go….it’s not my fault!!

I haven’t taken any photos today but I shall bore you all with the winning photo in the Surrey Life Magazine competition….that’s me that is!!!! Ha Ha.

Think I’ll celebrate by taking the dogs for another walk!!

Be happy!

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