DAY 190 ( and counting!)

Can you believe that this is my 190th post, given that my challenge was to do this for a year, I’m feeling pretty good….I’m not bored with it yet!! I have had a couple of weeks where I found it difficult to find the time to post and I’m not as involved with the Photo Challenges as I used to be…it’s funny how your life can change over a year or even 6 months in my case!
I’m still enjoying the photography of course and even that is going on the back burner at the moment, I find it impossible to take my camera and the two dogs for a walk, it’s difficult concentrating when I’m always aware of where the dogs are! Also it’s not fair on them after all their walk is the highlight of their day and I think it’s only fair to dedicate myself to them and to enhance their enjoyment in the woods. Sadly, Tess will be leaving me soon, going back to her Mum, I will miss her like mad, as for Charlie, he is just beginning to have ‘enough’ of this young whippersnapper who assumes she’s part of our family and therefore entitled to cosy up on the sofa with his Mum and Dad!! They have however been fantastic together, not a growl! Charlie is a true gentleman and let’s Tess have her way, but I know deep down he’ll be pleased to get us back for himself!!

I popped over the road today as I’d seen a lovely big poppy, by the time I got there the wind had done it’s worse and blown all the petals off!! There was one little poppy so I snapped that quickly before the wind got hold of that one too!!

Here are some more that  I took this morning…just before it started raining again!!!




Poppy Seedheads

stand out pansy


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