DAY 192 (Could you write a book?)

Today I was thinking I would love to write a book!! Yes I’m at it again aren’t I…ideas above my station I think they call it:)

I tried a couple of years ago, I thought a children’s book would be a good place to start, but I got bored after the first couple of chapters! I think JK Rowling can sleep tight tonight!!
They say everyone has a book in them – I’m not sure about that but I would love to do it.

What could I possibly write about that would be of any interest to anyone else? I know there are so many bloggers on WordPress that are just amazingly talented at writing, a couple come to mind that I would recommend you check out….Dave Farmer and Indigo Spider.

I wonder if truly “anybody” could write a book…I wouldn’t know where to start…do you first find the names of the chapters, characters or subject or do you simply jot down notes about things you want to cover and the ideas that pop into your head?

I would love someone to come to my house and listen to me prattle on for hours ( I would of course supply copious amounts of coffee and biscuits!)  They could then go away and present me with my book, written and ready to hit the shops!! It would of course be witty with plenty of rib tickling anecdotes and it goes without saying that there would be the obligatory weepy bit…but the subject…who knows….my life maybe, believe me some of it would make you laugh and some would definitely make the reader weep!!

I’ve always loved pens, so I guess, deep down, I must love writing. I have pens for different occasions, I have fun pens and I have, grown up, serious pens – it depends who I’m writing to!! For example the black ones above would be used for condolence cards and letters to the bank!! These are my fun pens, I look after them and make sure I always have ink in stock, I love ink fountain pens even though I always end up with ink all over my fingers, it doesn’t seem to matter. I love the smell of the ink and that feeling as the nib slides over the paper and the ink just flows and glistens, sitting on the paper until it’s absorbed. I say bring back the quill, old chap!! Oh, just a bit of information that I’d like to share with you – did you know that Les Bordes Golf Course in France was the brainchild of Baron Marcel Bich? He was the chap that invented the Bic pen!! There you go and you thought I was just full of hot air….but it’s true!!! Honest!! Who knows it might be the answer to a pub quiz question and you’ll be the only person who knows the answer!!
Now then, back to my book, I can tell you now, it wouldn’t be science fiction, I have an active imagination but no way I could stretch it that far. A love story maybe, but I would be far too embarrassed to write about the ‘sexy’ bits, so that’s out of the question. A thriller or murder mystery? I would probably give myself nightmares! Plus I would probably forget who did it!! I don’t have a wide knowledge of any one subject so it wouldn’t be a reference book or recipe book for example. It would have to be an honest tale of something that’s close to my heart…but as yet I haven’t worked out what it could possibly be…(answers on a postcard please)So if any of you have a brilliant, sure-fire way of writing a book successfully then please let me into the secret.  I will ensure that you receive a proportion of the royalties of course and yes ok, you can come with me on all the chat shows when I’m famous but til then….I’ll just content myself with the odd poem and the obligatory birthday cards!!


4 thoughts on “DAY 192 (Could you write a book?)

  1. Great post and wonderful photos as always! You have a great eye for capturing every day objects and making them appealing and different.

    On the subject of writing, well it’s not hard, but then maybe that’s from my perspective. I’ve always loved writing ever since I was a kid, so it comes naturally to me. I think the craft can be learnt but you need that spark to make a story come alive.

    You’ve kind of hit the nail on the head there regarding what to write about “It would have to be an honest tale of something that’s close to my heart.” I haven’t found a magic formula for writing a good story other than the obvious ones:

    Conflict, as much as possible – between the hero and the bad guy or protagonist and antagonist. Not only that but scenes and chapters should have some element of conflict in them. For example: Brother arguing with sister over breakfast, Darth Vadar fighting Luke, Harry Potter against…well, he had many enemies but even spats with Ron and Hermione still generated conflict.

    A beginning, middle and end – The reader needs to feel there is progress, that they are moving through a story and know that after the middle the end will come and issues, conflict, love story, struggle etc will be resolved, or not!

    Good characters – Personally I prefer my stories to be character driven, their choices decide which way the story goes, not outside influences like a war setting for example. My characters are a mish-mash of people I know. I draw on little habits I see, like a guy furiously picking his nose on a bus for example! Creating characters is easier than you think, if you like people watching simply extend this to make a point of remembering little traits you see in people around you.

    Accepting criticism – This can be a deal breaker when it comes to building confidence. I choose to ignore purely negative feedback when there’s no constructive alternative provided. I’m always learning new things, even after writing for 20 years, so I’m open to suggestions and never view them as a personal attack. I take on board what people say and decide if it’s right for my story.

    I’ve mentioned on my blog before that my dad loves to scribble masses of notes all over any manuscript I ask him to read. And I’m fine with that, bring it on! I’d rather someone point out faults so I can address them before I submit to a publisher. Naturally there will always be bits of feedback that you won’t agree with so you have to take the rough with the smooth.

    Personally when I provide people with feedback on their writing I congratulate the good stuff, and explain the bad stuff with alternatives and reasons why a certain bit of dialogue or narrative might not flow as well as it could.

    Above all writing takes practice. For many writers it’s a labour of love and one rule I stick by is to write for yourself first and foremost, and if you don’t enjoy it you have to ask yourself why.

    If you need someone to look over your writing I’d be happy to give you some constructive feedback, or lend you an ear should you wish to bounce around ideas.

    • You see – you are a writer even the answer above is written beautifully!! It’s structured and makes perfect sense…If I had to write that it would’ve taken me ages and many pieces of rolled up scrap paper would’ve landed in the bin!! I have got an idea but I’m working on it at the moment…I shall keep you informed! Hey you could be my ‘ghost’ writer!! Now there’s an idea….! Or maybe I just write as i speak…at least with a book you can close it and shut me up…whereas in real life you’re stuck with me jabbering on! On a more serious note, I’m going to save your comment on my Desktop and use it for reference….who knows what may happen? I will keep in touch and let you know what transpires. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and especially for getting back to me with all the info. Very kind and much appreciated. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. You sound so much like me. I really want to write and illustrate a book about our cat, Alex. I also love pens and paper and the flow of ink onto nice smooth paper! Maybe we should write on paper what we type on our blog and then we’d have a book. 😉
    Do you keep a journal? I enjoy journaling and handwriting letters to friends as well.
    Dave gave you some great advice there.
    Best of luck with your book!

    Where did you find the beautiful pens at the top of your post? I love them all!

    • Wouldn’t it be great if it were easy..? Have you visited Dave’s blog? It’s fabulous….always manages to brighten up my day!! The pens believe it or not were very cheap and cheerful from a gift shop, I bet they have them on Ebay!!

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