DAY 195 (Back to Normal)

Well Tess has gone home to her owner, what a lovely reunion.

I shall miss her a lot, she was a sheer delight. So it was back to the usual walk this morning just me and my old friend Charlie and my old friend Canon!  I decided to try a different lens…funny though I didn’t feel comfortable with it. I must use it more often and get used to using it.

Cow Parsley

As we wandered along, out of the bushes there was a rustling and I looked up and there was Tess! She’d heard my voice and come running to find me, had a cuddle and then ran back to her owner, glancing back at me as she left.  What a little sweetheart!

Tess my little friend

I’m working again tonight and so I’m pushed for time, I have some outstanding comments that need answering so please bear with me – they’ll probably be sorted tomorrow.


In the meantime, I’m off to make some lunch, have a shower, and off to work… I said,



6 thoughts on “DAY 195 (Back to Normal)

    • Amazes you? It staggers me…sometimes!! I’m off out now with dog and Canon – hope I can find something to snap at…to post later…work again today, I’m afraid!! 😦

  1. You’re going to be normal? No, don’t do it! Never! Anything but normal!!!!

    Just kidding, of course. Love the shots you shared today. How sweet that Tess gave you a special hello. You and Charlie will have to fill up the silence that she left behind for a while, but sooner or later, in a few days, back to normal is exactly where you’ll be.

    • I don’t think I’ve ‘ever’ been described as NORMAL!! Far from it:) Yep, as you say we’re back to normal again, as normal as it will ever be…watch this space for the next installment in my exciting life!!! ha ha!!

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