DAY 196 (Who’s following me?)

When I started this blog I was completely obsessed with statistics…how many views, how many followers, do people like what I’m doing etc? Now I can honestly say that I write this blog for myself, I no longer write hoping to enthrall readers with intelligent, deep meaningful posts! However, I do try to get at least one decent shot a day…and that’s not always easy.

A fluff ball

I looked at my stats today and boy have they dwindled! But I really don’t mind, I know that people have busy lives – I certainly do and I really don’t have the time now to sit and read the posts of the 50 odd blogs that I follow!! Even the ones that I really, really enjoy! I just try to catch up on a quiet day! So if people don’t want or don’t have the time to call by and look at my blog that’s absolutely fine.  This is interesting because I’ve always been a bit of an attention seeker and this blog has taught me to think that it really doesn’t matter what others think.

Funny Face!

This, dear reader, is what I call, a ‘Eureka Moment’! This is a moment when I realise something about myself that I hadn’t realised before….I seem to be getting more and more of them as I age!! It’s actually very liberating, to feel quite contented with the way you are and not to be constantly seeking approval, of friends, family and even anonymous readers in the blogosphere!!
If you like me, you like me, if what I write or photograph something that pleases you then I’m happy, if you don’t then so be it, you will find other blogs that bring you more pleasure and that is fine…I am not offended.

Evening Primrose

If there is one thing I wish my Mum had taught me it would be …….  “Not everyone will like you”  If I’d known that from a young age, I would’ve saved an awful lot of energy trying to get people to like me.  The funny thing is I have managed to get quite a lot of people to like me when deep down I didn’t really like them at all!! What a waste of energy!

Big Girl

Boy am I going to be a wise old bird by the time I hit 90!!!

Well, I’ve been on my walk and taken the camera with me – with the new lens…I just can’t get used to it…I shall perservere..I’m not very pleased with the photos today so I shall blame the lens! And if no one likes them well guess what “I don’t care” – I enjoyed taking them and that is the most important thing…Eureka!!


8 thoughts on “DAY 196 (Who’s following me?)

  1. Well I liked them and thought your new lens worked well… loved the fluff ball… go with you on the blog bit do it for fun and for me, and if some look and like good, otherwise what can we do, can’t force people to look and like…

  2. Well I like your blog! Photos and thoughts equally! Recently I’ve been so deep in editing my novel I’ve restricted checking my emails to once or twice a week, and whilst that means I have to wade through a few hundred, blergh, it does have a good side. I get to sit back and indulge in some quality blog reading time.

    Take today for example. I get back from work, quick walk with the doggies, cold drink, tasty chicken sandwich and then off to enjoy a couple of happy hours reading blogs. And talk about delight when I see a nice chunk of “takingsnaps” email updates in my inbox! Even though I don’t check them every day it’s wonderful to take my time and really enjoy your photos after a long week!

    • Oh you are really too kind…’delight’ you say…you are spoiling me Mr Ambassadeur!!! How’s the novel going? I don’t know how you find the time!! Even if it is a labour of love:) I’m glad you enjoy the photos, they;re my favourite part, i wish I had more time to write but it isn’t too be, maybe one day!!

      • Oh the photos are a joy to look at! The novel is going…er, slowly, editing is fun but it’s taking time to knock it into shape. One thing that stands out on your blog is your lively writing that accompanies your photos, the tone matches the photos perfectly!

      • Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer!! Busy bee that’s me! I’m so glad you like my photos, I do love taking them as for the writing as you can tell I’m a talker more than a writer…lol!

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