DAY 198 (Phone Boxes)

I’m not sure what’s happened to my body clock but I awoke again this morning at 6!!! What’s going on? I did a lot very early on today and then after lunch collapsed in a heap in front of the tennis!! Missed the end…of course!!

I then decided to play around with Photoshop and had great fun creating the photos for today’s blog….I think you will see there is a theme running through this!!

Wouldn’t making a phone call be so much more fun if all the boxes were like this?  Although I can’t remember the last time I made a call from a phone box!!

These boxes are a sculpture in Kingston upon Thames by David Mach in 1988, I think they’re fantastic…there are 12 of them in all and of course they are in the original bright red.

They are such fun, I just love the way they are toppling over like dominos!

As much as I adore my iPhone, I really do miss seeing the lovely old red telephone boxes and even when I do spot one they are in a terrible state, they have been vandalised and I think they probably all need fumigating…I’m think a lot of late night revellers think they are urinals!!

 There is one phone box in a tiny little village called Westbury in Somerset which has been turned into a library!! Yes you did read that correctly….

What a wonderful idea…I’m sure there are other ways that the disused boxes could be used. Click HERE above if you want to read more about it…
Maybe they could be used by villagers to put excess cut flowers and home grown veg in, so everyone could help themselves, I’m sure it would work….
Either way I still think they would be such fun painted different colours, it certainly cheered up my day doing this …..  unfortunately the cleaning of the bathroom is calling me, so I must dash…hope seeing all these bright colours cheered your day…

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