DAY 199 (Everything is Green)

As a result of all this rain, (and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon!!) nature is going slightly mad!

The plants are taking over


I took a slightly different walk in the woods this morning taking in the ponds, which Charlie loved, he still doesn’t swim but wades around the outside of the pond….

Walking the perimeter

The ponds are just full to the brim, and we still have a hose pipe ban in situ!! The water is just full of plants…no fish yet..well I haven’t seen any!

Pond full of greenery

After leaving this pond I ventured deeper into the woods which are dark on a sunny day but today it was quite eery and very dark…spooky!!

Very dark in here

And on to the next pond where Charlie stalks!! I don’t know what he’s stalking but he enjoys it!! Every now and then he peers through all the grass just to check that I’m still there waiting for him!!

Can you see me….my version of the Loch Ness Monster

We then walked up to the top of the hill and it was actually quite a relief to look out beyond the trees and see some open ground…it’s becoming a little oppressive in the woods at the moment!!

View from the top of the hill

There are some new flowers that are flowering recently but it seems such a shame that I can’t capture them with some lovely warm sunshine on them!!

Cow Parsley

Pretty in Pink

I met up with my friends and at the top of the hill all the dogs set about digging the ground and eating the soil, we don’t know what it is about the mud up there but they had a feast and no matter how we shout at them….they just gobble it up…does anyone know why? I must google it and find out…I’m guessing it’s something missing in their diet but I find it strange that ‘all’ the dogs do it!!

Why do the dogs eat this soil??????

Well that’s it really, I haven’t done a lot more apart from watching the tennis! We are going out tonight to see some friends who have the most beautiful little girl, I will try to take some shots of her before she goes to bed….
Keep dry 🙂



7 thoughts on “DAY 199 (Everything is Green)

  1. Lovely photo set.. the dog certainly enjoys it… the mud could be some vitamin that the dogs know they need… and then they could just be like children and eat it for the fun of it…

  2. Wow! Loved that last photo of the fern. Reminds me of camping trips when I was a lad in the Cubs! Brought back all the smells of rain, dirt, sausages cooking, ropes, canvas! Isn’t it great when a photo can give you a sudden rush of memories!

    • I know exactly what you mean, I spent so much of my youth up on the mountains playing in the for the camping, I was a brownie so I understand..did you ever have to cook a chicken underground in a tin biscuit box? I did…survival eh?

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