DAY 200!!! Say no more

Well I never thought I would reach 200 days although to date I have published  260    posts…so I’m very pleased with myself!

I wish

Aren’t impromptu meetings with friends a pleasure?

Childhood games

Last night we were invited to supper, a last-minute invite and it was so relaxing. Great food, fine wine, great company and a fair few laughs. Sat at the dining table, telling stories and just enjoying each others company…plus our friends have one of the most adorable little one year olds I’ve come across, she is a delight and beautiful to boot…she also likes cuddles so that suits me fine.

Then, this afternoon a friend came to the house for a coffee, it wasn’t planned, it was so lovely to sit out in the sun (YES I said SUN!!!!) and have a chat and a catch up. This friend has a wonderful dog, so yes you guessed it I was in my element.


I really wasn’t sure what I would take photos of today, I started off with the scrabble word photo which kind of led me along the Childhood Games theme!!

Rien ne va plus

Much used and loved

Unfortunately I’m not very good at taking photos indoors and have absolutely no idea about lighting so I had to cart everything outside into the garden so I could shoot them in natural daylight…in between the showers…I really enjoyed it though…I love all the bright colours.

Your Deal

In an ideal world

Now however I have to go and tidy everything up and put them all back where they belong!!


4 thoughts on “DAY 200!!! Say no more

  1. You have made me laugh- made me think about life. please never stop your wonderful photos and all of everyday life

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