DAY 201 (A stroll in the garden)

Today is a work day and so you will find that my posts will get shorter over the next couple of days as I try to cram everything in.

This morning, as it was dry I went for a stroll around the garden…this is pushing it a bit it like 10 strides to the bottom of the garden 2 to one side and 2 to the other and 10 strides back!! (hardly a walk around the estate!!)

I wondered if anything else had come into flower that I’d missed…it’s a veritable jungle out there and the grass is too wet to mow…so I’ve decided to change it from a garden to a meadow!!! Sounds prettier doesn’t it?

Nature has been busy!! I found a hydrangea, a spiraea and a purplish foxglove that I didnt’ know were there!!

I do love my garden but I’m not really green thumbed, it’s a case of buying plants that I like but they really do have to fend for themselves – so I think that in garden centres they should have a sticker on plants that I like to call ‘survivors’…they are the best for me!!

For the last two weeks I’ve had the key to the neighbour’s house and I’ve been ‘in charge’ of watering the pots!! Oh the pressure! I was there everyday checking them over, dead heading like a woman demented….I paid more attention to their plants than I ever do to my own…you’ll be pleased to hear that they survived but with a lot of care and attention. I’ve made a metal note not to buy those plants for my garden!!

I just haven’t got the time or the patience!! Maybe when I retire…who knows?


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