DAY 202 (Yippee!!)

I’ve just acheived Red Camera status with this photo on the site!! It’s a grading system….makes me happy! Black camera is the highest and they are quite rare so for me to get a red….is wonderful!!


15 thoughts on “DAY 202 (Yippee!!)

  1. Congrats on going red! I have absolutely no clue what it means to go red, but you sound excited, and happy about it, so I’m happy for you. Obviously it has something to do with advancing in your camera abilities and skills, and as someone that watches your blog, I can definitely attest to the fact that your photos are getting better and better every day, so YAY RED! Congrats!

      • not silly at all …. I’m sure, just as any time you’re working towards any goal, that when you finally get there, it’s only natural to want to celebrate a bit

        yay, you! for going red! and for celebrating!

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