DAY 203 (Gone to the dogs!)

At last a morning with no rain!
I took my camera with me on my walk, in the hope of catching some dogs…oh my goodness I’ve lost my knack, I found it really difficult to concentrate and photography certainly isn’t like riding a bike….I was scared that I’d forgotten what to do!!

So many shots didn’t work and the ones I did get really aren’t that good, so I’m afraid you get a mediocre gallery of pooches today!!
I would like to say that the dogs didn’t coöperate but that isn’t the case, I’ve become lazy just taking photos of flowers and of course they don’t move!! Ah well back to practise for me!!

4 thoughts on “DAY 203 (Gone to the dogs!)

  1. I adored the “real life doggie photos”

    not every photo is about the end result
    sometimes it’s simply the act of being there that matters, yes?

    thanks for sharing these photos today … always nice to see happy puppy faces

    • I agree, just natural doggies are lovely but it was a little worrying that I just couldn’t get a grip on the settings, but you know me by now…I won’t give up!!

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