DAY 204 (All tennissed out!)

That’s it…tennis is over for at least another 20 days…when it starts up again for the Olympics!! (Thank goodness Wimbledon centre court has a roof eh?)

I don’t normally watch the tennis, never having played myself, however a friend came over to watch it with me and it would’ve been rude to leave her in front of the TV and do the cleaning!! We decided to make a day of it and had a lovely lunch cooked by hubby in front of the TV… a couple of glasses of pink wine, then started with cold meats and artichoke hearts, followed by the most delicious Seafood risotto (extremely yummy) and then to follow hubby presented us with the most incredible floating islands…oh my word, an absolute delight, light and fluffy meringue with a beautiful crisp caramel sauce on top all floating on a sea of beautiful cream and caramel ….what is it they say ” a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”? Well, that’s me on a diet for a good couple of weeks!

I was calling on Federer (yes I know what you are thinking, why not my countryman? I’ll explain later) and my friend, Andy Murray! You see, I’ve never warmed to Murray, I’ve always found him slightly (ahem) arrogant, miserable and a bit of a show off on court – but as I say I’m no great tennis fan, so I just go with first impressions.  Federer on the other hand appears to be a gentleman, calm, composed and all round good guy. I must say by the end of the match, although I was really happy that Federer won, I was absolutely amazed by the change in Murray, he was emotional, humble and decent and for that reason I will be cheering him on next time he plays!! Fickle aren’t I?  Ha ha!! I wonder if it’s down to Lendl?

Anyway enough of all of that…of course now I’m behind with all my domestic chores and decided as a treat – I would hoover hubby’s car…out with the Hoover, find all the attachments, remove all the floor mats, get the extension plugged in and drag it out of the lounge window, I was going great guns when suddenly the heavens opened. I got drenched but I was determined to get it finished which I did and now it looks great. Hope he likes it!

An all too familiar sight!!

I’m actually going away for a couple of days so I’ll be uploading photos from my phone so please bear with me!!


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