DAY 212 (Bad Day, Good Mood!)

Hello there.. ūüôā

I’m in a good mood today and I’m not sure why!

When he was a youngster!

It has rained constantly, it just hasn’t stopped and I’m in the middle of a washing tournament soon to be followed by an ironing marathon…I should be in a foul mood, my back yard looks like a laundry. Sheets and Duvet Covers are hanging over doors in the lounge, the study and the dining room and yet today it isn’t annoying me.
I went to the supermarket to do my weekly shop, togged¬†up as though I was going hiking in the Himalayas…hat, scarf, gloves, walking boots, (I kid you not!!). I was doing the tour of the car park looking for an space¬†and spotted one,¬† I was just about to swing the car into the empty space when a massive 4 x 4 swept in and nicked it!! Out of the aforementioned tank (with obligatory personal number plate and blacked out windows)¬†sprang a youthful, leggy blond complete with an “I’ve been abroad for a month” tan, dressed as though she were still in the Bahamas and looking incredibly beautiful and may I add dry!! I wonder, maybe it doesn’t rain on the young, the beautiful and the rich, because believe me she was most obviously¬†all three! “Ah well,” I thought to myself “I’ll go round one more time!!” I found a spot, a lot further from the entrance to the shop than I would’ve liked but as I say¬†all to often “Hey Ho Such is life!”
I went to get myself a trolley and then realised that I didn’t have a pound coin to release it from the other 53 it was attached to – so back to the car, by now it’s not just raining, it’s a torrent, I dashed, jumping over puddles, back to the car and looked in the little cubby hole for a pound coin…Not a one!! I couldn’t believe it I always have a pound coin in there!! I searched in the central area between the seats, the glove compartment, no coins…! Eventually I found one deep down in my jeans pocket and had to remove endless number of garments to get to it…may I add wet, soggy garments. Still not in a bad mood….honest!!

Ah South of France

I haven’t had time to take photos today, so you are getting a collection from the Archives!! Photos that make me¬† smile, memories of happy days…absolutely nothing to do with this post…just random photos…

Scarecrow Competition

I did my shopping, nothing too dramatic, I did splash out on some special margarine/butter and some yogurt¬†that¬†are supposed to bring down my cholesterol levels!!¬†Good grief, I know how to live don’t I?¬†I just spoil myself non stop!!

Rolling down the hill

We had some lunch, nothing special to report, it was delicious though. We then curled up on the sofa to watch a good film, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Oh dear, my sister had warned me that she didn’t enjoy it very much, however her son had, so we thought we would give it a try. Let’s just say, I was confused at the beginning, asleep through the middle and woke up at the end just in time to see the ‘mole’ being terminated….I don’t feel as though I missed too much and I shan’t be putting back on tonight to see the bit I missed!!

Loch Tay, Scotland

I hope you’re not expecting me to tell you why I feel so chilled today!¬†I have no idea!!¬†On any other given day, had all this happened to me, especially the car parking fiasco –¬†it would have annoyed me to the point that I would pick a fight with some poor unsuspecting stranger!! (Well not really but¬†it would certainly have affected my mood).¬†Today it doesn’t seem to matter….I feel very, very cool. I can only put it down to spending time recently with people who I really care for. After the couple of days spent with people¬†who really know me and accept all my faults and weaknesses and still they like/love me!! Makes me feel good!

My eldest sister made me laugh, we were discussing blogs; why people blog? what do I get out of it? who do I do it for? Is it for myself? Is it to receive recognition?¬†etc. She commented on how I tend to rant on about things and get quite annoyed and I believe she¬†may even have used the word “peppery” Ha! Maybe it struck a chord and I feel that I need to chill out a little bit¬†after all I’m getting on in years now!! I want to be what is referred¬†to as “a nice old lady” not “that nasty bitter old hag” so I think maybe I should start working on it now and by the time I am¬†a real¬†oldie¬†I might have it sussed!!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Having said that, something may happen tomorrow that will annoy the living daylights out of me and I’ll be back to square one!! So stand by your beds….and prepare yourselves!!

6 thoughts on “DAY 212 (Bad Day, Good Mood!)

  1. Have loved your last blogs and photos- re the leggy blonde- never judge a book by its cover- unlike you with a great husband-loving family and lots and lots of friends she may have a bossy husband with bad breathe ! bet her tan was fake too !
    Old Chinese proverb
    Never go supermarket without coin !

  2. I love your story telling! And the piece about being with people who really care does give us a peace when the world around us is difficult.

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