DAY 213 (Music Maestro)

I’ve had a great day, I’m celebrating!

Today is our Wedding Anniversary, 31 years!! Yes, I know, you get less for murder!!

I set the alarm to walk early with a friend who I’ve not had a chance to catch up with for a while and it was a beautiful sunny morning, surprise, surprise! It was great….but come 10 a.m. I’d dozed off on the sofa!! I just don’t do mornings very well:)

I was then treated to lunch in a local restaurant with some more friends, yummy and then time for another nap on the sofa, this time I’m afraid it was wine induced!! Honestly I’m such a lush!! But a very happy lush!! It doesn’t happen very often and I refuse to feel guilty about it! So there, anyway!!

I was given the most beautiful bouquet from the Hubby and a beautiful card with a lovely message inside….It made my day! I, on the other hand, went into the local charity shop and found a guitar for £30.00 so I bought it for the Hubster!! He can’t play but has always wanted to learn….Oh dear I don’t know if this was a good idea or not!! I have visions of him being banished to the shed at the bottom of the garden to practice!! You Tube here we come…so far I’ve learnt the name of the strings….good start now we need to know what to do with them!!
It’s a little tatty but it should be good fun to play with. There’s absolutely no point in buying a new one if we find it isn’t going to be used!!
I’m actually hoping someone will see these photos and tell me it’s actually worth a fortune!! Ha Ha.
I’m not at all musical, I love to dance, badly!! The Hubster on the other hand hates to dance but has really good rhythm, to be perfectly honest I think he would be an incredible drummer but I’m not even entertaining that idea, he would definitely be in the shed. He loves the sound of the Harmonica and bought one a couple of years ago, opened the box and started playing, no sooner had two notes been blown and Charlie set about howling like a wolf…I have it on video somewhere, it’s really funny, I may upload it one day!!
When I was in Secondary School I learned to play the trumpet and I really enjoyed it, I don’t think I was particularly gifted but loved making a din…much to Mum’s dismay, I’m not quite sure why I stopped, probably because of complaints from the neighbours!!

I’ll keep you updated on our progress with the guitar, hey I’ve just had a thought if times get really tough we can sit on a pavement, Hubby with the Guitar and me with the Harmonica and Charlie joining in!!! I think people would pay just to shut us up!!!

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