DAY 214 (Simple things amuse simple minds)

I’m sat here chuckling to myself, honestly I’m as mad as a box of frogs!!

Getting Arty!!

I’ve been playing the guitar!! Ha, well what a giggle! My wrist is stiff, my fingers are aching and the tips of my fingers have ruts ingrained into them from the strings!! Although I now know the notes E, D, F, B, C, and D.  Wahey!! I’ve also learnt how to read them on paper!!  And you know what? with the knowledge of those few notes I’ve now managed to play ( I use the term “play” very, very loosely!!) Ode to Joy by Beethoven, no less. I do hope you are seriously impressed.  Honestly, it sounds awful -but it’s kept me busy for the last hour!! I have had to stop as the neighbours have just come home from work and I’m afraid they will call the RSPCA and report some poor cat being strangled!! Poor Charlie took himself off into the other room and snuggled his head under a cushion….do you think he’s hinting?

Iris’s putting in an appearance

My beautiful bouquet that I received yesterday has loved the warmth of the house and the iris’ have bloomed and they are absolutely gorgeous.
I’m really disappointed as today I was meant to be taking some photos of a rather beautiful, black, flat-coat retriever but as the weather was so dismal we have decided to put it on hold until we get some sunshine…apparantly we have a heat wave on it’s way….I’ll beleive it when I feel it!!

Looks like it’s always belonged here!!

I haven’t totally wasted my day though, I’ve had fun taking black and white photos of the guitar and playing in Photoshop with photos of the flowers.
I think this one would make a really groovy piece of wall art…what’s happening to me? I get a guitar and I’ve turned into a hippy, man!!! Next thing you know I’ll be wearing long paisley skirts and have a daisy in my hair!
Isn’t it lovely when you get a prezzy which gives you such pleasure?  It doesn’t matter if it’s a bunch of flowers or a guitar from the local charity shop…all I can say is we’ve had a ball playing about today!! I wonder if I will ever truly grow up!! I certainly hope not:D

Colour Isolation

6 thoughts on “DAY 214 (Simple things amuse simple minds)

  1. I keep hearing summer’s on it’s way too – had some sun today and managed to get some weeding done! Apparently it’ll be a nice weekend, but I won’t hold my breath 🙂
    Beautiful photos as always by the way..

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