DAY 216 (my poorly boy)

My poor Charlie isn’t well. He’s had a couple of episodes of screaming in pain, it’s blood curdling. Off to the vets this morning and it’s something going on at the base of his neck. Vet thinks its Spinal Cervical Disease well he’s on very strong pain killers which have knocked him out! Have to ring back in a week to see if he’s improved. Poor little sausage.


12 thoughts on “DAY 216 (my poorly boy)

  1. Poor little fella. I know that sound well. Makes me go all cold and twisty inside. Our old bear, Arnie, had terrible problems with his hips when he got older. And before the end he would howl in pain sometimes. Charlie sure does look quite forlorn there. Hope he perks up!

    On the plus side, and you’re not going to believe this, we had that exact same rug in our living room a few years ago! Jazzy! We threw it out not long ago because our new pups (well, they were pups back then) had a habit of either chewing on it or crawling under it and pretending no one could see them!

    • Thanks so much for your message, I really hope he gets better I hate this. I can’t believe you had the same rug, we bought it in Iran and brought it back in a suitcase!!! I was so heavy!! Did you get yours in the UK?

      • Damn if we’d have known. it was such a beast to bring back!! We bought two!! So you can imagine how much we paid in Excess Bagage!!! Charlie loves it too…must be the wool!

  2. Ah bless his cotton socks! 😦 I really hope he gets better soon and that you are coping alright. It must be horrible for you as you just feel so helpless in these situations but at least on the pain killers he is knocked out and so he can rest up to recover without the pain 🙂 x

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